Meeting Times Galore!

Alrighty dandy ROWers!

The E-board has gathered and has contacted the great spirits of General Meeting times and we have settled our blood pact! (In muggle terms: We’ve got dates and times and places for meetings!)

For General Meetings, we’ve decided to hold them at the 9pm – 11(ish)pm slot on TUESDAY nights so that those pesky classes don’t get in the way. The meetings will be held in James/Education 3112 (the room on the third floor with the stage. Veteran ROWers, you know the room). The first meeting will be held on September 10th. Mark your calendars!

In previous posts I’ve explained the idea of a Weekly Work Time meeting, where y’all (and writer friends too!) can convene in a public place (like the Barnes & Noble cafe!) and work on existing projects. Awesome, right? Because I know the biggest problem in writing is finding time to actually sit down and write among all the responsibilities and adulty things adulthood brings. Like working to get a paycheck for rent. Or buying groceries. And other adulthood things. So we are making Weekly Work Time (WWT) a weekly (duh) thing! Meet with us at the B&N cafe on FRIDAY afternoons during the University Free Period (1:45 – 3). I know y’all don’t have classes then. (Other responsibilities are okay.) These meetings are not mandatory, they’re a “come when you want/have time/have stuff you want to work on in the company of other writers” type meeting. General meetings, on the other hand, are mandatory if you want to be considered a ROW member.

E-board meetings will be held Friday afternoon at 4:30 at a super private location (Spoiler: It’s the 4th floor of the library. Usually at a table near the windows.) and are open to the ROW populace if you’d like to have a part in knowing what’s going on in the club.

Friendly Reminder: We are still looking for a Senator! If you have free time Monday nights at 7pm and would like to get involved in an e-board position, please e-mail me at (or comment here. Or post on the Facebook page, or send word by carrier pigeon. Whatever floats your boat) to let me know!

Secondary Friendly Reminder: Please be advised that carrier pigeons are a very unreliable method of communications since they do get gobbled up by birds of prey, dogs and the distractions of modern art.

Not-So-Friendly Reminder: One day, the sun will expand until it will physically reach Venus, turning the Earth into a burnt shell of its former self.

Nerdy Friendly Reminder: That probably won’t happen for another 4 billion years. Go live life!


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Happy September To All!

Welcome back ROWers!

We’ve missed you. These summer months have been lonely without you. I’m so glad to see you’re happy and healthy (and tanned) and ready for the new school year!

Returning ROWers, I hope you’ve kept your pencils sharpened cause we’ve got lots of great stuff in store for you!

New ROWers, welcome! I’m Maggie, your President and blog-runner. I’m so glad to see so many new faces. Don’t forget to read up on us in the About Us page (found just above that lovely row of books there) and we hope to see you at our next General Meeting!

On the topic of General Meetings, we’ll be announcing our calendar shortly so stay tuned!

Now, back to unpacking your boxes and frantically trying to find your books for a slightly lower price than from the bookstore and see you soon!


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Why, Hello!

Hello ROWers!

Wow, what a busy month we’ve had! Hello again!

Night of Scenes was as successful as ever and we raised almost $250 to donate to the “Communication is Key” charity! Congrats and thank you!

We recently had elections for our new e-board for next year and you can see the results on the “About Us” page!

We have finished having all of our General Meetings for this semester. Watch your e-mails for a message from us about gathering a more suitable meeting time for members.

We have some exciting news to announce!

As of next semester we will be introducing “Weekly Work Times”, a weekly block of time where members (and non-members!) can get together in a public place (like the Barnes & Noble cafe or the Campbell Library) to sit down and work on their existing projects.

Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful year and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

Keep writing!


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Thanks to everyone who came out and auditioned for Night of Scenes last night!

We had a great turn out and all of the scenes were cast and all the directors are looking forward to working with you all. That being said, next Tuesday night at 7:30pm in James Hall room 3117 is a semi-mandatory meeting (meaning if you have a class, please don’t skip it to come) where the directors will sit down with their actors to work out the rehearsal schedules. We’ll also be showing a recording of last year’s Night of Scenes.

Again, thank you to all those who came out and auditioned and we can’t wait to work with y’all!


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ROWeekly Update – March 4th

Hello ROWers and Happy Monday!

I hope you had a nice weekend and now it’s time for your ROWeekly Update!

Tonight, March 4th, is the very last day to submit a scene for Night of Scenes! You have until 11:59 pm to submit scenes. Please e-mail it to the submission e-mail, ASAP!

Tomorrow, March 5th, are auditions! If you have an interest in acting come out! A 1 to 2 minute monologue is requested and cold reads will be provided. Please stick around after your initial audition as you may be asked for additional material from the directors. Auditions begin at 7:30pm in room 144B in the Student Center!

If you still wish to direct, please e-mail me at saying you’d like to direct. The directors will meet at 6:30pm to discuss the splitting of scenes.

The next general meeting will be March 12th and it is a mandatory meeting for all actors and directors. We will be watching the Night of Scenes dvd from last year, so all are welcome even if you’re not cast in the show!

See you all at auditions!


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Call For Scenes!


Hello. /awkward wave

So here we are, and I have your attention and you’re wondering what it is I want.

I’m here to let you know that the call for scenes has begun. In April, our annual Night of Scenes event will be going up.

But! Alas!

We have no scenes!

That’s where you come in, my lovely bunch of ROWers!

We need short scenes, of about ten minutes in length. This year, we are accepting up to ten scenes to present to the Rowan community. But you better hurry! It’s on a first-come-first-service basis. And the deadline for submissions? March 4th at 11:59pm. 

So if you’ve got a scene you wrote during a meeting, or if you whip up a scene within the next two weeks, send it our way! Send it as a .pdf file (if possible) or as a .doc or .docx file to

Want to workshop it before officially submitting it to the Night of Scenes line-up? That’s great! Let us know in the e-mail and we’ll set up a special workshopping night, or do it during a meeting.

Again, the e-mail to send the attachement to is

Keep writing and enjoy the rest of your night!


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E-Board Elections

Good evening, ROWers!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m just posting to remind you all that the e-board elections are tonight, in James Hall 3117 at 7:30 pm.

Never been to a ROW meeting? That’s fine! Come join us anyway and you can join us for our next meeting!

Haven’t been to a meeting since last semester? This is a perfect chance to rekindle your love of this club!

Do you want to run for a position? Great! There’s more information on the positions below. As a disclaimer, in order to run for the Presidential position, you must have been on the e-board for at least one semester previously.

Friendly Reminder: General meetings are held every other week. The next meeting will be February 26th at the same time and the same place. Senator Gerry will be leading this one!

Secondary Friendly Reminder: A piñata party may or may not occur. It’s BYOB – Bring Your Own Bat. (Please don’t actually bring a bat to the meeting. There is a plethora of expensive equipment in the room and we cannot afford to replace if something breaks.)

Not-So-Friendly Reminder: There is a Mickey Mouse comic strip from 1930 in which Minnie leaves him for another mouse. In response, Mickey then attempts suicide in several different ways. (Source)

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